Zenhaven Mattress Review

Zenhaven Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 9.5
Support 9.5
Pressure Relief 9
Cool Sleep 9.5
Motion Transfer 8
Edge Support 7.5
Value 7.5
Overall Rating 9

Key Characteristics of Zenhaven

Zenhaven is a 100% natural latex mattress made by Saatva, the company that also makes the well-reviewed and highly popular Loom & Leaf and Saatva product lines. The bed is designed to be flippable with one side softer and the other firmer for customized sleep.

Most buyers prefer the luxury plush (the softer side), but with two options in one bed, you can experiment to see what gives you the best night’s sleep. The bed is 100% Talalay latex, the costliest type of latex that offers supportive, cool sleep. It is not a “bed in a box” but ready to sleep, uncompressed.

Unique Traits

Zenhaven, through parent company Saatva, is passionate about philanthropy and environmental issues. They donate mattresses to high-need organizations and work with several worthy groups including Wounded Warrior Project, Warrior Dog Foundation, The Salvation Army, and St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children among others.


The Zenhaven is made with all-natural latex from rubber tree sap that’s sustainably sourced. Harvesting the sap doesn’t harm the trees. The manufacturing process absorbs (rather than emits) greenhouse gases and produces no harmful by-products. Their mattress is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, and Zenhaven is part of the Sustainable Furnishings Council which advances pro-planet furnishings.

The Zenhaven Is Perfect For You If…

For those looking for an eco-friendly sleep experience, the 100% natural latex Zenhaven is a top choice. Also, if you’re not certain if you will sleep better on a firmer or softer bed, this mattress may be preferable since it’s flippable with a different firmness option on each side.

With these choices, any sleep position can be accommodated. Latex can be a top option for people that are heavier since it’s very durable and supportive. Latex sleeps cooler than most other materials so if you’re someone that runs hot, this might be a perfect purchase.

The Zenhaven Might Not Be Perfect For You If…

First and most importantly, if you have a latex allergy, Zenhaven is not for you since it’s a 100% latex bed. However, this can be a good selection if you have other types of allergies since it blocks dust mites and other irritants and is antimicrobial.

If you like the feeling of “sleeping in” the bed rather than on it, you might not enjoy the resilient latex in the Zenhaven. The bed is somewhat difficult to move around because it’s heavy even compared to other latex mattresses. Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, this bed might be out of your price range.


Zenhaven mattress materials


Zenhaven Mattress Construction

The Zenhaven all-natural latex mattress is 10” thick with a symmetrical design such that there are two sides to the flippable bed. Each side has a support core, comfort layer, and wool batting layer, so there are four latex layers within the bed.

From bottom to top, here’s what you’ll find inside the Zenhaven:


Zenhaven mattress reviews

Support Cores – Talalay Latex

The two support cores are each 3” thick and nest back to back. Both are 100% Talalay latex with one firmer than the other. Pinholes are drilled into the latex during manufacture to promote airflow. One core is firmer, and one is less so, to achieve the dual design of the bed.


Zenhaven mattress

Comfort Layers – Talalay Latex

There are also two comfort layers in the Zenhaven each 1.5” thick and nestled on either side of the dual support cores. One layer is plusher, for the softer side, while the other is firmer. Both are pinhole-drilled for breathability and both feature five-zone support.

There is greater support and pressure relief under the shoulders and hips and subtler under the head and feet. The five zones are seamlessly constructed, and the density varies across each comfort layer.


Zenhaven bed

Cover – Organic Wool and Cotton

Each outer layer of the flippable bed features a batting of 100% organic New Zealand wool for breathability and moisture wicking inside an organic cotton cover that envelopes the whole bed. The cover is circular knit for greater durability and designed to promote naturally cooler sleep.

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

Design drives firmness of a bed

Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for your new mattress. Any mattress material can be firm or soft. It’s about the density of the material and how the bed is architected that establishes how firm a bed feels to you.

Every bed has two distinct parts: a support core(s) and comfort layer(s). The core should be designed to keep your spine aligned in a neutral position as you sleep. The comfort layer should hug and contour your body and take pressure off sensitive spots like your hips and shoulders.

The comfort layer determines softness of the bed. The two parts of the bed work together to determine your sleep experience on that particular mattress. How a bed performs for you is entirely subjective and about your personal preference and needs.

Mattress firmness

When looking at mattresses online or in-store, you’ll notice a firmness rating on a 1-10 scale. This is an industry standard. Across the spectrum, the lower the number, the less firm the mattress. Most people will not be comfortable on the far ends of the spectrum. Beds rated 1 will feel squishy, while beds rated 10 will feel very rigid. Most people prefer something in the middle.

Mattress firmness defined

Zenhaven’s firmness

One of the top selling points of the Zenhaven mattress is that it’s flippable and there are two firmness options within bed thanks to its dual design. One side of the bed is Luxury Plush, rated 4-5 on the firmness scale. The other side is Gentle Firm, rated 7-8 on the firmness scale.

With two options to choose from once the bed is in your home, you can try each and see what works best for you. Also, if your needs change, you have two sleep experiences and can alternate between them or find the one that works for you and stick with it.

Zenhaven reports that most buyers wind up using the plusher side. From a materials standpoint, the Gentle Firm is 18% firmer than the Luxury Plush, but how much firmer it feels to you is subjective. Those that are heavier and stomach sleepers may prefer the firmer side of the bed.


Zenhaven mattress


How Does Zenhaven Sleep?

Zenhaven is not a bed in a box. It is not shipped compressed, and that means you can lie down and try it out the moment the delivery people unwrap it. Once the mattress is in place, you can try out one side for a few nights, then flip it out and try out the other to take full advantage of the flippable design and two firmness options if you so choose.

Either side of the mattress feels a bit firmer and the cover a little tight, on the first night of sleep. Because the bed is newly made and cover hand sewn to the bed, it needs to “relax” a bit. You’ll feel the full effect of the long-term Zenhaven sleep experience after 3-4 weeks break-in. If the bed is too soft or too firm, then you can flip and try the other side which should be broken in by then, too.

Side and back sleepers and people with a lower BMI should start on the softer side of the flippable bed. Stomach sleepers and heavier people will want to test drive the firmer side of the Zenhaven first. See how it feels for a few weeks then if you want, experiment with the other side so that you make an informed sleep decision of which side of the dual design feels best to you.

Cooling properties  

Zenhaven is made with Talalay latex, which is structurally different than Dunlop latex you’d find in some other latex and latex hybrid mattresses. Talalay cells are 50% more breathable than Dunlop, so this is the coolest type of latex with almost 230% better airflow than other latexes. It sleeps cooler and drier.

Motion transfer

Because latex is a resilient material, there is some motion transfer – more than you’ll get with memory foam. The firmer side has more motion transfer than the softer side of the bed. The Zenhaven is noiseless as you move and has nice bounce for sex, particularly on the firmer side. Motion transfer should not be disruptive for most sleepers.


There should be no off-gassing aroma with the Zenhaven. Natural latex does not give off VOCs, and any scent you notice is from the packaging materials and should rapidly dissipate after the bed is unwrapped and airs out briefly. The organic and natural materials are allergen-free, and there are no harsh chemicals used in any aspect of the Zenhaven’s manufacture.


Zenhaven’s Talalay latex contains a natural silicate to ensure the materials stand the test of time. The manufacturer projects that with normal wear and tear, their mattress could last 20 years. They have done extensive testing of the design and each mattress as it is manufactured to assure it outlasts other latex beds – and they offer a solid warranty to back up these claims.


Zenhaven review


Is the Zenhaven Worth the Money?

Mattress Sizes Dimensions Weight Price (Without Discounts Applied)
Twin 38" x 75" x 10" 80 lbs. $1,299
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 10" 82 lbs. $1,349
Full 54" x 75" x 10" 100 lbs. $1,699
Queen 60" x 80" x 10" 125 lbs. $1,899
King 76" x 80" x 10" 165 lbs. $2,499
California King 72" x 84" x 10" 165 lbs. $2,499

You can see from the weights above that the Zenhaven is a very heavy bed which speaks to the quality of materials and is a sign of anticipated durability. The Talalay latex is a premium material, and Zenhaven’s price point is about half what you would pay for a comparable bed in a mattress shop or department store.

The Zenhaven bed is pricey but is a value for the sleep experience you’ll get. There’s also the life-span of the bed to consider. Most mattresses need to be replaced within six to 10 years depending on the materials and initial quality. With an expected lifespan of close to two decades, you’re getting a lot of usage for the initial investment making Zenhaven a good buy.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Returns

Here’s what to expect when purchasing the Zenhaven mattress:


Currently, white glove delivery, set-up, and old mattress haul-away are free with your Zenhaven purchase. When you order the mattress, you indicate the firmness you prefer so that the delivery people set up the bed with that side up to get you started. The company doesn’t currently deliver to Hawaii or Alaska, just the 48 contiguous states and Canada.


If you decide the Zenhaven doesn’t work for you, you can return the mattress within the sleep night trial for a full refund less a $99 delivery fee they covered up front. If you decide you want another size Zenhaven mattress during the sleep trial, you can exchange and pay $99 to cover delivery. If you buy a Lineal adjustable base with the bed, it is not returnable at any time.


The Zenhaven warranty is 20 years and is not prorated. It covers defects in materials and workmanship. In the first two years, if there is a defect, the company will ship you a new mattress at no cost. After two years, they will repair and recover the bed for a $99 transportation cost each way ($198 round-trip).

Another option is Zenhaven’s “Fairness Replacement Option” where you keep the mattress and then purchase a new one at a discounted cost (30-75% depending on the time elapsed since purchase) rather than return and repair. Using a slatted base without reinforcement may invalidate your warranty.

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial on the Zenhaven is 120 nights, beginning on the delivery date. They will accept a return within that period, no questions asked, and only hold back the $99 cost of delivery the company covered at the time of purchase from the refund.

Verdict on the Zenhaven

Zenhaven provides a luxury latex sleep experience at a far lower price point than you would pay in a brick and mortar store for a comparable bed. The materials are excellent and built for durability, plus their customer service, both pre and post-purchase, is fantastic.

If you’re not sure what firmness you want or want the freedom to adjust your sleep experience from time to time without buying another bed, Zenhaven is a top choice. The flippable design is a big selling point of this bed, in addition to the cooling sleep and comfort. It’s well worth the investment.