Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft & Needle Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 8
Support 8
Pressure Relief 9
Cool Sleep 7.5
Motion Transfer 9.5
Edge Support 7
Value 8.5
Overall Rating 8.5

Tuft & Needle Bed

Key Characteristics of Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is an all-foam mattress with two options. You can get the classic Tuft & Needle (launched in 2012) or Tuft & Needle Mint with enhanced cooling capabilities which just come out in 2018. Both are at an excellent price-point.

The original Tuft & Needle has two layers while the Mint has three. The Adaptive® foam in Tuft & Needle’s mattresses is high-tech with graphite and specialized cooling gel in the comfort layer to help you sleep better and less hot. The original bed has this tech, and the Mint has the next gen of this foam.

Unique Traits

Tuft & Needle’s founders began with an eye on serving the community and fulfilling a social mission. T&N helps more than 200 schools with their School Fundraising Program and have donated more than $8 million in mattresses to the community. T&N’s employees have collectively given more than 1,000 hours serving meals, building homes, and setting up donated mattresses to those in need.


Tuft & Needle foams are CertiPUR-US® certified for low VOCs and don’t contain ozone depleters, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. T&N also has the rigorous-to-obtain GREENGUARD Gold certification that ensures indoor air quality and monitors more than 360 VOCs and chemical emissions. T&N has Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class II Certification meaning it’s safe to be close to the skin.

The Tuft & Needle Is Perfect For You If…

The Tuft & Needle is a good choice for someone that doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with options, and needs a well-made bed at an affordable price point designed to accommodate the average sleeper. T&N’s propriety Adaptive® foam is designed to give the benefits of latex and memory foam.

At a medium level of firmness, it’s well suited for most side, back, and stomach sleepers. If you’re on a budget and want a great value at a very reasonable price point, Tuft & Needle delivers. Back sleepers and those with lower back pain issues may really appreciate T&N’s original model.

Side sleepers and those that need more pressure relief may prefer the T&N Mint for a softer sleep solution. If you have concerns about indoor air quality and mattress material safety, the certifications Tuft & Needle holds offer peace of mind.


Tuft & Needle bed


The Tuft & Needle Might Not Be Perfect For You If…

Those that are quite heavy or very lightweight may need to consider this purchase closely. Tuft & Needle’s original bed is firmer so very thin people might find they can’t sink into it enough to interact with the comfort layer and get adequate pressure relief.

If you weigh up to 250 pounds, you may get adequate support on the original T&N since it’s firmer. With more weight than that, you might not find adequate support. Also, if you need greater relief on pressure points, the original might be too firm. Consider the Mint as an alternative.

Because Tuft & Needle is an all-foam bed, it won’t have the edge support or cool sleep you’d see with an innerspring bed. If you sleep extremely hot at night, the Mint may be better although the original T&N has cooling tech as well that helps dissipate heat better than other all-foam beds.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Construction

The Tuft & Needle original mattress is 10” thick and an all-foam design. The bed rates as a medium on the firmness scale and consists of two layers of different types of foam designed for a comfortable experience for a wide range of sleepers.


T&N mattress construction


From bottom to top, here’s what you’ll find inside the Tuft & Needle:

Support Core – Polyfoam

The Tuft & Needle original starts with a 7” support core of high-density polyfoam rated 1.8 lb. The bed is designed to be “universally” comfortable. It’s supportive for proper spinal alignment while you sleep, offers contour, but feels firmer than the company’s marketing materials might indicate.

Comfort Layer – Adaptive® foam

The 3” comfort layer of the Tuft & Needle original is made with their proprietary Adaptive® foam. It is a high-density 2.9 lb. foam. This specially designed foam contains moisture-wicking graphite and cooling gel with open-cell technology for greater breathability.


T&N mattress cover


Cover – Tactel® fabric

The cover is breathable rayon and polyester Tactel® fabric that can be zippered off for cleaning. It’s thin and stretchy to let you engage fully with the comfort layer. Tactel® is strong and dries eight times faster than cotton, and wicks moisture for comfortable, dry sleep.


Tuft and Needle Chill mattress


Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Construction

The new Tuft & Needle Mint just came out in 2018 and is the next generation of T&N’s mattress tech. It’s 12” of all-foam design and is softer than the original model with three layers. The primary difference is a 2” transition layer above the support core built of Adaptive® foam with cooling gel beads.

The firmer base layer is designed to be responsive, and the more you push, it pushes back. This model also has enhanced edge support compared to the original. The foams in the Mint have 30% more gel beads for softer contour and comfort.

The T&N Adaptive® foam is enhanced in the Mint with 30% extra graphite in comfort layer to reduce heat 50% better than the original while the upgraded Ceramic Gel in the comfort layer absorbs and dissipates five times more heat. The cover is thicker with charcoal embedded for cooling and wicking.

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

Design determines mattress firmness

When considering a new mattress for purchase, you’ll be interested in how firm a bed is and how well it will support you as you sleep. Beds are made of a support core and comfort layer(s). The core should keep your spine aligned in its neutral “s” position while you sleep, even when you change position.

The comfort layer(s) should contour your body and relieve pressure where your hips and shoulders press into the mattress. The support and comfort layers work together to deliver the sensation of sinking in versus sleeping on the bed as you do when a bed is firmer.

The type of materials used in the construction, the quality of the materials, and how they’re architected affects how the bed performs as you sleep. Mattress preferences are deeply personal and subjective and what feels good to you might not be comfortable to someone else.

Mattress firmness

When you shop for mattresses, you’ll see the industry rates them on a scale from 1 to 10 with those rated 1 being very soft and those rated 10 being very firm. Few people find comfort at either extreme of the spectrum. Most sleepers fall into the middle of the scale for what sleeps comfortably.

Mattress firmness defined

Tuft & Needle’s firmness rating

The T&N original mattress self-rates in the middle of the scale at medium (5), but buyers tend to find it’s firmer than that and rate it closer to a 7 on the scale. The bed is firm, yet the upper comfort layer is plush enough for contour, bounce, and responsiveness.

The foam densities are of high-quality, and they rate as high-density foams which indicate the potential for durability. The beds have been rigorously tested while in development to assure a long useful life and so far, the results bear this out, as do reviews.

T&N Mint’s firmness

The Mint is a softer bed and closer to a medium-soft firmness. Most buyers would rate it near 5-6 on the firmness scale. Again, how soft a bed feels is totally subjective to you, your sleep style, and preferences. Because of the richer comfort layer, the Mint offers greater pressure relief.

How Does Tuft & Needle Sleep?

The Tuft & Needle’s proprietary Adaptive® foam performs like the best aspects of memory foam and latex. It offers excellent support without excessive sink-in sensation. It offers the contouring sleep experience that many people enjoy with a foam mattress, but without the heat issues.

Foam tends to sleep hotter, but the tech inside T&N’s foam helps dissipate heat to cool you. The covers of each mattress differ and affect the sleep experience. The thinner T&N original cover lets you better interact with the comfort layer and the thicker Mint cover is imbued with more tech features.

Be aware that T&N’s mattresses will initially feel firmer, but after a week or two of sleeping on it, the foams will soften and settle in, and you’ll see what the long-term sleep experience will be with Tuft & Needle.

Cooling properties

Foam tends to sleep hotter than other materials, but both T&N mattresses are loaded with cooling tech. Very hot sleepers may want to invest in the Mint since it cools better, but both are significantly cooler than traditional foam and memory foam mattresses on the market.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer in T&N beds is very minimal. The firmer original carries a bit more energy transfer, but it’s insignificant. Buyers report little to no disruption when their sleep partner moves on the mattress. The Mint does a slightly better job because the upper layer is softer and lets you sink-in more.


Not only do very few report any aroma while decompressing the Tuft & Needle, those that did say the smell rapidly dissipated. The pure foam certifications assure low VOCs, and many buyers say the bed has a fresh small rather than a chemical odor.


The foams in the Tuft & Needle mattresses feature high-density, high-quality foams and it was tested and designed to hit a durability of 10 years. The company was founded in 2012, so they haven’t hit the decade benchmark yet to prove out their testing, but things look good.


Tuft and Needle mattress


Is the Tuft & Needle Worth the Money?

Mattress Sizes Dimensions Weight Price (Without Discounts Applied)
Twin 38" x 75" x 10" 80 lbs. $1,299
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 10" 82 lbs. $1,349
Full 54" x 75" x 10" 100 lbs. $1,699
Queen 60" x 80" x 10" 125 lbs. $1,899
King 76" x 80" x 10" 165 lbs. $2,499
California King 72" x 84" x 10" 165 lbs. $2,499

You can see from the weights above that the Zenhaven is a very heavy bed which speaks to the quality of materials and is a sign of anticipated durability. The Talalay latex is a premium material, and Zenhaven’s price point is about half what you would pay for a comparable bed in a mattress shop or department store.

The Zenhaven bed is pricey but is a value for the sleep experience you’ll get. There’s also the life-span of the bed to consider. Most mattresses need to be replaced within six to 10 years depending on the materials and initial quality. With an expected lifespan of close to two decades, you’re getting a lot of usage for the initial investment making Zenhaven a good buy.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Returns

Here’s what to expect when purchasing the Zenhaven mattress:


Currently, white glove delivery, set-up, and old mattress haul-away are free with your Zenhaven purchase. When you order the mattress, you indicate the firmness you prefer so that the delivery people set up the bed with that side up to get you started. The company doesn’t currently deliver to Hawaii or Alaska, just the 48 contiguous states and Canada.


If you decide the Zenhaven doesn’t work for you, you can return the mattress within the sleep night trial for a full refund less a $99 delivery fee they covered up front. If you decide you want another size Zenhaven mattress during the sleep trial, you can exchange and pay $99 to cover delivery. If you buy a Lineal adjustable base with the bed, it is not returnable at any time.


The Zenhaven warranty is 20 years and is not prorated. It covers defects in materials and workmanship. In the first two years, if there is a defect, the company will ship you a new mattress at no cost. After two years, they will repair and recover the bed for a $99 transportation cost each way ($198 round-trip).

Another option is Zenhaven’s “Fairness Replacement Option” where you keep the mattress and then purchase a new one at a discounted cost (30-75% depending on the time elapsed since purchase) rather than return and repair. Using a slatted base without reinforcement may invalidate your warranty.

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial on the Zenhaven is 120 nights, beginning on the delivery date. They will accept a return within that period, no questions asked, and only hold back the $99 cost of delivery the company covered at the time of purchase from the refund.

Verdict on the Zenhaven

Zenhaven provides a luxury latex sleep experience at a far lower price point than you would pay in a brick and mortar store for a comparable bed. The materials are excellent and built for durability, plus their customer service, both pre and post-purchase, is fantastic.

If you’re not sure what firmness you want or want the freedom to adjust your sleep experience from time to time without buying another bed, Zenhaven is a top choice. The flippable design is a big selling point of this bed, in addition to the cooling sleep and comfort. It’s well worth the investment.