Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 8.5
Support 8.5
Pressure Relief 9.5
Cool Sleep 9
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 7
Value 8.5
Overall Rating 9

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Purple Mattress Highlights


  • Sleeps cool: With a buckling column gel in the comfort layer, the Purple mattress sleeps cooler than other foam mattresses.
  • Good conforming: The Purple’s buckling column gel conforms well to the curves of the body.
  • Good motion isolation: Like many other foam mattresses, the Purple mattress has good motion isolation. You are not likely to be disturbed by a moving partner while sleeping on a Purple mattress.
  • Showroom available: Purple offers a showroom in Utah where you can try out the mattress before you purchase it.


  • Limited options: The Purple mattress only comes in four sizes and has just one firmness rating. It is designed to be comfortable for all sleepers, but some sleepers may need a size that is not available, or a mattress that is more firm or soft than what the Purple offers.
  • Relatively new product: Established in 2016, Purple mattresses haven’t been around long enough to determine how well they’ll hold up in the long term.
  • Limited warranty: The Purple mattress warranty only lasts for 10 years and requires that customers pay for shipping and handling costs for replacement or repair. The warranty on the cover only lasts for two years.
  • Waiting period: Depending on production levels, it can take three to four weeks to receive your Purple mattress after ordering.

Product Details/Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price (Without Discounts Applied)
Twin XL $699
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

Mattress Construction

Purple mattresses are made of polyester, viscose, Lycra, polyfoam, and buckling column gel. The mattress is a total of 9.5 inches thick with a four inch support core made of 2 PCF polyfoam and comfort layers of 3.5 inch 1.8 PCF polyfoam and two inches of buckling gel. The cover is a mix of polyester, viscose, and Lycra.

Cover: Polyester, viscose, Lycra
Comfort layers: Buckling column gel, polyfoam
Support core: Polyfoam

Model Firmness Cover Comfort Layer(s) Support Core Total Thickness
Purple Original 6 (medium-firm 67% polyester, 29% viscose, 4% lycra 2" buckling column gel, 3.5" 1.8 PCF polyfoam 4" 2 PCF polyfoam 9.5"

purple mattress construction

Sleep Trial

Purple mattresses offer a 100 night sleep trial, however, they recommend that customers keep the bed for at least 30 days before deciding to return the mattress. If you decide to return your mattress, Purple will have the mattress picked up and donated to charity.

Purple also offers the option to exchange your mattress for 100 days. You can purchase a new mattress and get a refund when your original mattress has been successfully returned. Or, you can return your mattress and receive a refund or store credit that can be applied to a new mattress. Returned mattresses must be clean and undamaged. Your second mattress will not be eligible for a return or exchange.

Note that the sleep trial and return policy may be different for mattresses purchased from Amazon or other third-party retailers.


Purple mattresses come with a 10 year nonprorated warranty. Purple will repair or replace mattresses with visible indentations deeper than one inch, and cracks, splits, and other damage. The warranty does not cover damage caused due to improper foundations or damage caused by tears, stains, unsanitary conditions or other abuse of the mattress.

The mattress cover has a separate two year warranty, which will repair or replace the cover. Transportation and inspection costs are required.

The warranty is only good for the original owner when purchased directly from Purple or an authorized retailer. It is only valid in the U.S. If you sell or give the mattress or take the mattress out of the U.S., the warranty will no longer be valid.


Purple mattresses are compressed for shipping and delivered to your door in a package with handles. The mattress is large and heavy and typically requires two people to move and open. A small tool is included that can be used to remove the cover without damaging the mattress. Once unpackaged, the mattress will expand to its normal size.

The mattress is delivered for free to the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Alaska and Hawaii deliveries will have a fee charged at the time of purchase. Some deliveries may take longer than expected, particularly to rural areas.

Mattress Removal

Purple mattresses are shipped via UPS, FedEx or other courier services, so removal service is not available.

Purple Mattress

Mattress Performance

How firm is the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress has only one firmness level, which is about 6 to 7 on the firmness scale. It is designed to offer a good firmness level for most sleepers.

How much motion transfer will you get with the Purple mattress?

Due to the grid structure of the buckling column gel in the comfort layer, the Purple mattress has very little motion transfer.

Does the Purple mattress have good edge support?

Made of soft foam comfort layers, the Purple mattress struggles with edge support. You may feel like you’re rolling off of the bed when you get too close to the side.

Will the Purple mattress smell when it arrives?

As is the case with many foam mattresses, the Purple mattress often has an offgassing smell when it is unpackaged. This smell can last for days or even weeks.

How supportive is the Purple mattress?

Purple’s support foam has good density and offers good support for most sleepers, aligning the spine and relieving pressure points.

Will the Purple mattress conform to my body?

With Purple’s buckling column gel, the mattress responds well to pressure and conforms to the figure of each sleeper.

How long should the Purple mattress last?

Purple mattresses have only been on the market since 2016, so it’s too soon to accurately gauge the long term durability of this mattress. However, you can expect durability that is comparable to similar foam mattresses, about seven years.

Is the Purple mattress good for sex?

The Purple mattress is bouncier than many other foam mattresses, but it does not have the bounce of an innerspring mattress, which can make it difficult to move on the bed during sexual activity.

How does the Purple mattress support different sleeping positions?

Side: Good for average (130 to 230 pounds), fair for lightweight sleepers (less than 130 pounds), poor for heavyweight sleepers (more than 230 pounds)
Back: Very good for lightweight sleepers, fair for average or heavyweight sleepers
Stomach: Good for average weight sleepers, fair for lightweight and poor for heavyweight sleepers

What do I need to know about the company?

Customer service/reputation: Purple was established in 2015 and began selling mattresses in 2016. With a C+ BBB rating, the company does not have a good reputation for customer service.

BBB rating: C+
Established in: 2015