Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 9
Support 9
Pressure Relief 9.5
Cool Sleep 8.5
Motion Transfer 10
Edge Support 7
Value 9.5
Overall Rating 9

Key Characteristics of Nectar

The Nectar is a four-layer 11” memory foam mattress featuring leading-edge materials including a Tencel® cooling cover and proprietary patented breathable memory foam. The bed is designed for durability and comfort with an intentionally low price to make a quality bed affordable for most anyone.

There is only one firmness option for Nectar, and it ranks in the middle of the firmness scale at medium-firm to firm. The bed is quite supportive and doesn’t allow excessive sink-in. The design and high-tech cover and foams make this a very cool sleep experience for a memory foam bed.

Unique Traits

In March 2018, after just one year in the industry, Nectar hit the impressive milestone of having sold more than 100,000 mattresses. That plus their 97% retention rate reflects the quality of the product including premium materials and an impressive sleep experience at a very reasonable price.


Nectar uses CertiPUR-US® certified foam and memory foam in its mattresses. With the Certi-PUR certification comes the guarantee that the products have been rigorously tested, as have the manufacturing standards, and found free of PBDE, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants, ozone depleters, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, and formaldehyde and regulated phthalates. Nectar’s products are also low VOC for safe indoor air quality.

Nectar mattress review

The Nectar Is Perfect For You If…

For those that love the feel of memory foam, the Nectar could be the perfect mattress for you. It sleeps cooler than many other memory foams while still providing the benefits. This bed is especially good for side sleepers due to exceptional pressure point relief.

If you co-sleep with someone, you should be impressed with the extremely low motion transfer of the Nectar. This is a unique mattress in that one model accommodates all three sleep positions (side, back, and stomach) while offering the medium-firmness that most people enjoy.

The Nectar Might Not Be Perfect For You If…

For those that don’t enjoy the feel of memory foam, the Nectar isn’t for you. However, this bed sleeps differently than traditional memory foams and might change your mind about this mattress material.

The bed doesn’t have a ton of bounce and instead has a slow-responding feel with contour.

Due to overwhelming popularity, sometimes Nectar is slower to process and ship orders. There are occasional waits of 10 days to two weeks from order to delivery. To make up for this, Nectar often offers discounts and free high-end memory foam pillows.

Nectar Mattress Construction

The Nectar is an 11” four-layer design plus the cover, for five components altogether in the mattress construction. The mattress comes in one firmness option at medium-firm and Nectar focuses on the quality of its one model, designed to meet the needs of most sleepers.

Nectar design

From bottom to top, here’s what you’ll find inside the Nectar:

Base Layer - Polyfoam

The bottom layer of the Nectar is 6” of very dense yet breathable polyfoam with molded channels to enable airflow and cooling while providing stability for the upper layers. The ILD of this base foam is much denser and therefore more durable than you would find in most other mattress brands.

Support Core – Adaptive Memory Foam

The Nectar’s support core is 3” of Adaptive Hi Core memory foam that’s very heavy and durable. This layer contributes to the bounce and recovery of the bed and prevents excessive sink-in and hammocking. The dense memory foam ensures the bed is in the middle of the firmness range and supportive.

Comfort Layer – Gel Memory Foam

The Lush Foam™ in the Nectar is 1” thick and is 4-lb, high-quality memory foam with cooling gel. This material is designed for optimal pressure relief. This is a premium gel that is so high-tech that it’s used for medical applications because it absorbs and re-distributes heat.

Nectar softness

Comfort Layer – Quilted Gel Memory Foam

The Nectar includes a second 1” comfort layer of cooling memory foam that’s specially quilted for loft and air circulation for cooler sleep. It offers additional contour and hug but without too much of a sink-in sensation which can make for hotter sleep.

Cover – Tencel®

The cover of the Nectar is Tencel® made from wood pulp cellulose converted into fabric via nanotechnology. It’s hydrophilic meaning it naturally absorbs moisture from your body and wicks it away for cooler, more comfortable sleep. If your cover ever gets worn, they’ll send you another at no cost.

Nectar mattress cover

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

Construction determines the mattress firmness

How firm or soft a mattress feels to you is subjective and down to your personal preference. The support core of any mattress is what determine firmness and should keep your spine aligned in a neutral position. The comfort layer(s) provide the sensation of softness, contour, and pressure relief.

The mattress industry rates firmness on a scale of 1 to 10. Beds rated 1 are the softest while beds rated 10 are the firmest. At the 1 or 10 outliers, you’ll have an extreme sleep experience that few would find comfortable. Most people prefer the middle range of the scale from medium to medium-firm.

Mattress firmness

Stomach and back sleepers usually need a firmer bed to support their hips and keep the spine aligned properly. Side sleepers need a richer comfort layer because of pressure on their hips and shoulders, so they need to sink-in more than back and stomach sleepers.

Lightweight people often appreciate a softer bed and richer comfort layers because their low body mass keeps them from interacting with the comfort layer of a firmer mattress. Heavier people need additional support and should look in the medium-firm range and a bed designed for higher BMI.

Mattress firmness defined

Nectar’s firmness rating

The Nectar comes in just one firmness option that rates between 6 and 7 on the industry’s scale. Despite the lack of a range of options, Nectar enjoys a high satisfaction rating among buyers. The memory foam in the bed is of very high density and superior quality and provides excellent support.

The design of this bed is unique in that it is well reviewed for firmness by stomach, back, and side sleepers and rates well also for contour and comfort. Not only should you find support immediately in the Nectar, but also long-term thanks to superior materials that promise durability.

Nectar review

How Does Nectar Sleep?

The Nectar’s innovative design provides a sleep experience that supports, cushions, and contours while using high-tech materials to keep it cool. Side sleepers get the pressure relief they need from the upper memory foam layers and should find their spine stays aligned.

Stomach sleepers will feel support for the hips, so their spine doesn’t curve down and thrown them out of alignment. At the same time, they won’t feel excessive sink-in that may interfere with breathing. Back sleepers find comfort, contour, and support of their back and spine.

Nectar surveyed their buyers, of which there are a hundred thousand now, and they found their buyers fall asleep 20% faster than they did on their pre-Nectar bed. They have a very low return rate, great reviews, and a high level of customer satisfaction with the sleep experience provided.

Cooling properties

Although memory foam tends to run hot, the design of this bed gets around that uncomfortable warm sensation. The phase change material in the cover and the quilted gel-infused foam in the upper comfort layer act as a barrier to heat retention from the denser lower layers of memory foam.

Motion transfer

Memory foam is an excellent material for motion transfer absorption. Bounce is minimized, and when you or your partner move, the Nectar should move little (if at all). If one of you is a light sleeper or shifts, tosses, and turns at night often, the other should rest undisturbed.


The Nectar is a heavier bed with lots of dense foam inside of it. Since off-gassing aroma is the result of the manufacturing process of foam, and there’s so much in the bed, the aroma is noticeable when you unroll the mattress. However, most of the odor is gone within a day or two and all within four days.


Nectar is a new company launched in 2017. As such, there is no track record yet of the durability of its mattresses. One way to assess what to expect, though, is to examine the quality of materials. The memory foam in this bed is of very high-density, as is the base, which indicates it should last.

Nectar mattress review

Is the Nectar Worth the Money?

Mattress Sizes Dimensions Weight Price (Without Discounts Applied)
Twin 38" x 75" x 11 48 lbs. $500
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 11 48 lbs. $550
Full 54" x 75" x 11" 68 lbs. $700
Queen 60" x 80" x 11 74 lbs. $795
King 76" x 80" x 11 89 lbs. $900
California King 72" x 84" x 11 89 lbs. $900

*All prices are before seasonal promos/discounts are applied.


Nectar’s mattress is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the weight of the bed which speaks to the density of the memory foam which is a predictor of durability. For memory foams of this quality, it’s a good value, and buyers appreciate the bed as evidenced by a low return rate.

Compared to other mattresses in the online marketplace of similar price, you’ll get superior materials with Nectar and a sleep experience that pleases most people even though there is only one firmness option. The product is well-reviewed and could be a top choice for you if you love memory foam.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Returns

If you choose the Nectar mattress, here’s what to expect:


Nectar provides free shipping to the mainland 48 US states and will ship to Alaska or Hawaii for an additional $150 charge. They do not currently ship to Puerto Rico. For $149 extra, you can get white glove delivery where they set up your bed and remove and donate your old mattress.

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial for Nectar is 365 nights which is more than three times longer than most other mattress manufacturers where 100 days is the average.


Nectar makes returns simple, and they give you 100% of your money back on the same day they send someone to pick up the mattress. It’s also important to note that they have a 3% or less buyer return rate which speaks highly of the bed.


The warranty on the Nectar is advertised as “forever” compared to 10, 15, or 25-year warranties by other makers. If the bed breaks down from normal use, the company promises to replace it so long as you’re the original owner. If you ever get a 1.5” or deeper impression, they’ll replace it as well.

Verdict on the Nectar

Despite that Nectar is a very new company, it’s establishing a reputation in the market as a best buy for the quality of materials compared to price. It’s supportive and comfortable, accommodates all sleep positions and doesn’t sleep hot as so many traditional memory foam beds tend to do.

Because its materials are Certi-PUR certified, that’s an assurance that you’re letting safe foam into your home. For those that love memory foam beds but want a cooler sleep experience or are ready to give memory foam a try, Nectar could be a bed to consider, and the price point is very reasonable.