Innerspring Mattress Reviews – Buyer's Guide

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Saatva mattress
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Aviya mattress
Signature Sleep 13
Signature Sleep 13" mattress

Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses, are mattresses made with rows of metal coils to support the body. Innerspring mattresses have been the dominant type of mattress since the 1930s. They are widely available and are often among the most inexpensive mattress options. Although innerspring mattresses now compete against memory foam, latex, and other types of mattresses, they still command about two thirds of the mattress industry.

See our favorite innerspring mattresses below and then be sure to read through our buyer's guide to understand everything you need to know about buying an innerspring bed.

Our Favorite Innerspring Mattresses

Manufacturer Model Price (Queen)
Saatva $999
Aviya $1,099
Signature Sleep 13" $299

Innerspring Mattress Benefits

With good breathability, innerspring mattresses do not retain heat like latex and foam mattresses. You may sleep more comfortably on a mattress that doesn’t retain your body’s heat.

With a support core made of springs, innerspring mattresses are bouncier than other types of mattresses. A bouncy innerspring mattress is better for sex, easier to move, and won’t give you the feeling of being stuck in your bed.

Innerspring mattresses tend to be more affordable than other types of mattresses. They range in price from $200 to $2,500, but you can expect to find a good innerspring mattress for $600

With dominance in the mattress market, innerspring mattresses are widely available. Consumers can choose from a vast selection both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Innerspring mattresses offer a familiar feel. With innerspring mattresses still making up about two-thirds of the mattress market, most people are accustomed to sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

Innerspring Mattress Drawbacks

Innerspring mattresses are not as durable as other types of mattresses. They are prone to premature sagging and have an average lifespan of up to five and a half years, the shortest of any mattress type.

Customers report lower owner satisfaction for innerspring mattresses than other types of mattresses. In fact, innerspring mattresses have the lowest customer satisfaction rating of all mattress types.

Innerspring mattresses are often noisy. They are also prone to motion transfer. This type of mattress can be too loud during sex and disruptive to sleep when one person gets out of bed or shifts during the night.

Innerspring mattresses do not provide the pressure point relief offered by other mattress types. They do not contour to the body and target pressure points as well as latex or memory foam mattresses.

Who Should Consider an Innerspring?

Innerspring mattresses are a good choice for many people. With a variety of firmness options, sleepers can find a mattress with the right amount of firmness. Budget-conscious consumers can find good innerspring mattress options at a variety of price points. And with bouncy innerspring construction, this type of mattress tends to be the best for sex.

Understanding Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have a support core made of metal coils. These coils, usually made from tempered steel, are evenly spaced to distribute weight and offer support. Innerspring mattress coils vary in their construction and type.

Types of Innerspring Mattress Coils

Innerspring mattresses are made of one of four types of coils: bonnell, offset, continuous, or pocketed.

Bonnell coils are made of tempered steel that is heat treated and durable. These coils are formed in an hourglass shape and linked together. Innerspring mattresses made with bonnell coils are sturdy and bouncy.


bonnell coil type of innerspring mattress coil

Made of tempered, hourglass-shaped steel, offset coils are similar to bonnell coils. Offset coils differ from bonnell coils on the bottom, where the coil is straightened to facilitate hinging when the mattress compressed. Double offset coils are straightened at the top and bottom, while free arm offset coils are not joined together with others. All types of offset coil mattresses tend to be highly durable with less motion transfer than bonnell coils.


offset coil type of innerspring mattress coil


Continuous wire coils are made of a single wire for each row. Each row is joined together, which creates a hinging motion. Continuous wire coil mattresses are known for their stability and resilience, but they offer little motion isolation and do not contour to the body as well as other types.


continuous coil type of innerspring mattress coil


Pocketed coils are coils encased in fabric and connected to other coils with fabric or glue. This type of innerspring coil is also known as a Marshall coil or encased coil. Pocketed coils tend to have less motion transfer and better contouring, but may have a shorter lifespan if they are made of non-tempered steel.


pocketed coil types of innerspring mattress coil


Innerspring Mattress Wire Gauges

Innerspring mattress coils and wires come in a variety of gauges. In general, the lower the gauge, the firmer a mattress will feel. Innerspring mattress coils typically range in gauge from 18 to 12. Thicker wires have a lower gauge and more firmness.

Coil Type Shape Wire Gauge Characteristics
Bonnell Hourglass Low to high Sturdy, bouncy
Offset Hourglass with one or both straightened ends Low to medium Durable, less motion transfer
Continuous Single wire per row Medium to high Stable, resilient
Pocketed Spiral with cloth encasement High Less motion transfer, better contouring