Helix Mattress Review

Helix Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 9
Support 9.5
Pressure Relief 9
Cool Sleep 8.5
Motion Transfer 8.5
Edge Support 9
Value 9.5
Overall Rating 9

Key Characteristics of Helix

The Helix is a personalized mattress that’s custom-tailored for your preferences. The buying journey for Helix begins by taking a sleep quiz that helps the mattress maker design a bed to meet your needs and preferences then deliver it right to you. If you sleep with a partner, they should take the quiz with you.

This mattress is a hybrid with pocket micro-coils and proprietary foam in three different designs and many options. Helix can be designed for an individual with one sleep preference, a blended design that considers the needs of two sleepers, or a dual comfort where each half of the bed is individualized.

Unique Traits

Helix is unique in that it’s an affordable personalized mattress. Each unique design is derived from an algorithm developed by experts in sleep ergonomics and biomechanics. The quiz assesses sleep style, position, firmness needs, and how hot you run at night. Your answers inform the algorithm, and the output is a custom bed. While the sleep science is an emerging field, most Helix buyers love them.


Helix foams are all CertiPUR-US® certified. This designation means not-for-profit tester Certi-PUR thoroughly inspected the manufacturing process and end product. Helix’s foams have low VOC emissions to safeguard indoor air quality. Plus, the mattress foam is free from mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, regulated phthalates, ozone depleters, and PBDE, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants.

Helix hybrid mattress

The Helix Is Perfect For You If…

For mattress shoppers that are unsatisfied with brands that offer only one model or limited firmness options, Helix might be for you. Rather than choosing between soft or firm, or not having a choice at all, the sleep quiz data customizes an ideal mattress based on your specifications and preferences.

If you sleep with a partner and have very different sleep styles, BMI, and needs, customization can be crucial. There are two options for co-sleepers. There’s the blended design that merges different, but not drastically dissimilar preferences to create a mattress you’ll both appreciate.

But if you and your sleep partner have widely differing preferences, Helix can still accommodate you with their dual design bed where each side is tailor-made, so you both have your sleep needs met, but in one split-built mattress. This is a rarity among mattress makers.

The Helix Might Not Be Perfect For You If…

The bed will accommodate a total combined weight of 500 pounds, but if one sleeper weighs more than 350 pounds, the Helix isn’t the best choice for you. Heavier sleepers usually need something that’s much more supportive like innerspring or a firm latex mattress, not a foam hybrid like this.

Helix promises to accommodate all sleep positions in the custom design, so side, back and stomach sleepers should find comfort via the sleep quiz and specifications. If you have a co-sleeper and don’t involve them in the customization process, you might not get the best results.

Also, if you’re someone that likes to flip or rotate your bed, that’s not something fit for the Helix. If you have a dual mattress, you and your partner would have to rotate sleep sides to stay on your custom-designed area. You can’t flip the mattress over as you’d be on the base rather than comfort layer.

Helix Mattress Construction

The Helix is 10” thick with four layers customized to your specifications and needs based on the sleep quiz. The individual and blended bed have the same construction across the bed while the dual design is split with only the base layer consistent across the bed. A diagram of the dual bed is below.

Helix mattress dual

From bottom to top, here’s what you’ll find inside the Helix:

Helix mattress materials

Base Layer - Polyfoam

No matter which option you choose, there is a 4” base layer of high-grade, high-density polyfoam to support the layers above, provide stability, and reduce motion.

Support Core – Pocket Coils

Based on your sleep quiz, Helix designers choose whether to place the support core of 2” pocket coils as the second or third layer down into the bed. For those that sleep hotter, are side sleepers, or heavier, this layer will be placed higher in the bed to promote air circulation.

Helix mattress support layer

For stomach and back sleepers, or those that are lighter weight, this will more likely be the third layer. The pocket micro coils are individually wrapped in fabric for ease of motion and designed to limit motion transfer while providing pressure relief on key points of the body.

Customized Layer – Polyfoam

Depending on how Helix customizes your bed, this 2” layer may be above or below the micro-coils. This layer may be high-density, medium-density, or less dense polyfoam depending on your BMI, sleep position, and preferences detailed in your sleep quiz.

Helix support core

Heavier people and those that sleep on their stomach will get a higher density foam here while side sleepers and those with lower body weight will get the least dense option. Those that are mid-weight and side or back sleepers will likely get the medium-density foam.

Customized Layer - Dynamic Foam

Every Helix mattress features a 2” layer of their proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam. It is designed to mimic and perform like the best attributes of memory foam and latex without the limitations of either. It provides bounce, reactivity, contour, and cooling.

Helix Dynamic foam

This can be the first, second, or third layer of the bed depending on customization. The Dynamic foam may be low, medium or high-density depending on whether Helix’s design matrix assigns it as part of your mattress’ support or your comfort layers.


The polyester cover is soft to the touch and as thin as possible to allow you to interact directly with the top comfort layer of the Helix bed. It is thinner than most mattress covers and can be removed for spot cleaning, but NOT machine washing. Helix offers a washable mattress protector for $75-99 depending on bed size.

Helix mattress cover

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

Construction determines mattress firmness

When choosing a mattress firmness, the primary determiner should be how the bed feels to you. It’s subjective and personal. The support layer(s) in the Helix determine how well the bed keeps your spine aligned and supports your body weight. The comfort layer(s) drive contour and softness.

In the industry, mattress firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with beds at the far right of the scale rated 10 as the firmest. Beds to the far left of the scale rated 1 are softest. Most people find their best sleep in the medium range while few find comfort at the extremes of very hard or very soft.

Mattress firmness

Side sleepers need a bed with more contour and less firmness, so there’s relief on pressure points of shoulders and hips. Stomach sleepers need a firmer surface to keep hips aligned and a less plush comfort layer, so the face doesn’t smush down into the bed. Back sleepers need medium support.

Those that are heavier need more firmness and support in the bed and a less plush comfort layer, so they don’t sink and get too hot at night. Those that are very lightweight often need a less firm bed and a plusher comfort layer, so they can sink in and get the pressure relief they need.

Mattress firmness defined

Helix’s firmness rating

Helix beds are constructed to provide a firmness customized to your preferences and may, depending on the design, range from 2 to 9 on the firmness scale. The blended design bed will provide firmness and comfort based on accommodating the sleep quiz results of you and your partner.

Helix blended mattress review

The dual design bed has different firmness ratings on each side as it’s customized to meet the needs of two people with distinctive sleep preferences. The firmness is unique in each Helix mattress, and you can contact the customer support team before they build your bed to discuss preferences and concerns.

Helix dual mattress review

How Does Helix Sleep?

Helix is designed to perform with the best aspects of latex and memory foam with none of the drawbacks. It does well for responsiveness, so you can move around easily on the bed without noticing mattress movement and offers good bounce for sexual activity.

The Helix will perform differently for each person because it’s custom designed for you and so there’s no singular sleep experience. It’s this difference that makes this mattress so appealing to buyers. Helix reviews are generally very positive.

Cooling properties

The proprietary foams in this bed are designed for cooling but your Helix will sleep cooler or warmer depending on your preference. Some people need a warmer bed at night and some a cool one. Overall, the bed sleeps cooler than regular foam or memory foam, and relative coolness depends on design.

Motion transfer

The Helix has very low motion transfer and performs well in this respect. It’s not as limited as with memory foam but isolates motion well and to the extent that your partner’s movement should not disturb your sleep at night.


Because Helix is a foam hybrid mattress, there will be slight off-gassing aroma as the bed is unpacked and decompresses. This is common with foam beds, isn’t significant, and totally dissipates within 24-48 hours.


The Helix has only been on the market a short-time, so there are no studies on long-term performance of its materials. Foam hybrids don’t have an exceptionally long life-span across the board compared to high-grade latex, but the materials in Helix are well-made and should be durable.

Helix mattress review

Is the Helix Worth the Money?

Mattress Sizes Dimensions Weight Price (Without Discounts Applied) Price w/ Dual Comfort Option
Twin 38" x 75" x 10" 40-50 lbs. $600 N/A
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 11" 40-50 lbs. $700 N/A
Full 54" x 75" x 11" 70-80 lbs. $850 N/A
Queen 60" x 80" x 11" 80-90 lbs. $995 $1,190
King 76" x 80" x 11" 90-100 lbs. $1,245 $1,440
California King 72" x 84" x 11" 90-100 lbs. $1,245 $1,440

*All prices are before seasonal promos/discounts are applied.


It’s important to note that the weight of the bed varies in every size model based on the materials used to meet your individual needs. The dual option (i.e., the split design) is only available in Queen sized and larger mattresses and incurs an additional $195 fee.

The Helix is very reasonably-priced for a customized bed made to fit your specific needs and preferences. It’s particularly cost-effective for those that want the dual (i.e., split design) since most bed makers don’t offer this option and if they do, it’s at a higher price point. Helix is a good value for what you get.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Returns

Here’s what to expect when purchasing the Helix:


Helix ships free to all 50 states. Their mattresses are available for shipping to all areas of Canada at an additional cost of C$150 plus Customs Tax. It takes 6-10 days from order to delivery at your doorstep because the beds are made on demand to your specifications.

Sleep Trial

The Helix bed has a 100-night sleep trial during which you can return the bed for a 100% refund of the purchase price.


If you request a return, Helix sends a local partner to retrieve the mattress and donate it to a local charity or housing facility or recycle it (if your local laws prohibit donation).


As is common with most mattress makers, the Helix’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship that come from normal use. The warranty period is 10 years.

Verdict on the Helix

Helix boasts a 36% reported better sleep quality for its customers with enhanced REM sleep, comfort, and back health. Although the sleep science behind their algorithm is an emerging and unproven field, customer reviews are very positive for this mattress and seem to support its claims.

If you’ve struggled in the past to find comfortable sleep or the limited varieties in other models frustrate you, a customized sleep experience may help, so the Helix could be for you. It’s a reasonable price-point for a customized bed and a thoughtfully designed bed.