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Purple Mattress
Purple mattress
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Along with household appliances and furniture, mattresses are a big-ticket item. Of course, you wouldn’t expect your mattress to last as long as your refrigerator, but you want to make sure you’re getting a quality mattress that will last you several years at least.

But there’s wide variability in mattress pricing, and cost doesn’t always correlate with quality, especially since mattress needs vary by the individual shopper. And then there’s all the confusing, technical lingo of the mattress industry.

How are you supposed to know what’s a good mattress deal, and what’s not? Follow this guide to learn exactly what you need to look for to get the best mattress for your money, and read our reviews of the best affordable mattresses.

How Much Do Different Mattress Types Cost?

To start, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different types of mattresses available to you as a mattress shopper.

The mattress type is one factor that affects the final cost of a mattress. Generally, latex and hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive than innerspring and memory foam beds.

Let’s review the price ranges for the different mattress types, and how their construction plays a role in the quality and affordable of the mattress.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses describe the traditional mattress model. They feature a support core of innerspring steel coils, topped with comfort layers made of foam or other fabrics.

  • The average innerspring bed costs between $800-$1,100 for a Queen.
  • Cost varies depending on the type and gauge of the coil in the support core. Beds with bonnell and continuous wire coils tend to be cheaper than ones with offset or pocketed coils. Lower-gauge coils tends to last longer, so that may also drive up the cost.
  • Occasionally you’ll see mattress manufacturers market higher coil count as higher-quality (and thus more expensive), but as long as you’re buying an average-priced mattress, higher coil counts typically don’t relate to a noticeably more comfortable or supportive mattress.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are constructed of a viscoelastic polyfoam that reacts to body pressure and heat, conforming and contouring to the body for a supportive, hug-like feel.

  • The average memory foam bed costs between $1,000 to $1,500 for a Queen.
  • Cost varies depending on the density of the foam. Higher-density foam (measuring 6 PCF and up) correlates with longer durability, and higher costs. Lower-density foams (3.9 PCF or lower) provide less pressure relief, so they’re less expensive. Medium-density foams (4 PCF to 5.9 PCF) lie somewhere in the middle, providing decent pressure relief.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made of natural or synthetic latex foams. They provide a similar, although lesser, contour to memory foam beds, but sleep much cooler and maintain some of the bounce associated with an innerspring bed, due to the elasticity of the latex foam. They tend to be one of the more durable mattress types, helping justify their higher price tag.

  • The average latex bed costs between $1,500 to $2,000 for a Queen.
  • Cost varies depending on how much latex foam the bed contains. All-latex beds made of 95% or more organic latex are the most expensive type of latex bed, although they will also be the most durable. Blended latex beds, containing 30% or more organic latex with the remainder being synthetic, are less expensive, while latex beds made entirely of synthetic latex are the least expensive.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a hybrid of foam and innerspring beds, designed to deliver a feel that has the bounce of an innerspring bed with the contour and pressure relief of a memory foam bed. They combine an innerspring coil support core with comfort layers of memory foam or latex.

  • The average hybrid bed costs between $1,600 to $2,000 for a Queen.
  • Cost varies depending on the density of the foams in the comfort layers, as well as the amount of memory, latex, or polyfoams used. Hybrid models using higher-density foams will be more expensive, as will ones using more memory foam or latex as opposed to more polyfoam. They’ll also be more durable. Likewise, beds using a pocketed coil support core, as opposed to support bases of polyfoam, will last longer and sleep cooler, but they’ll also be more expensive.
  • Pillow tops may add extra padding and comfort to hybrid beds, but for a higher cost and less durability.

How to Choose a High-Quality, Yet Affordable Mattress

Beyond the construction of the mattress, whether a mattress is worth the cost depends on other factors, such as the warranty and its ability to adequately support your particular sleep needs. Where you purchase the mattress (online or in-store) also plays a role in the final cost of the mattress.

Keep the following three tips in mind while you shop for a new mattress.

1. Choose the best mattress for you.

Mattresses are not one size fits all. To get the best deal for your money, you have to find a mattress that supports you as a sleeper.

Above all, a mattress should be supportive. In large part, support is dictated by the components inside the mattress that we reviewed above, but you’ll want to cover your bases by reading online reviews and verifying that a mattress supports your body weight.

Firmness is also important. If your mattress has a firmness level you don’t like, it’s going to be uncomfortable to sleep on, no matter how high-quality it is.

Next, consider the contour ability of a mattress. Innerspring mattresses provide less contour and pressure relief, while memory foam provide the most, with hybrid and latex models in between.

Finally, pay special attention to mattresses that are best suited to your sleeping position: side, back, or stomach.

Additional mattress features that may matter to you include:

  • Temperature regulation: Hot sleepers will want to veer away from memory foam beds, since they tend to trap heat. Innerspring and hybrid beds sleep cooler.
  • Bounce: The bounciness of a mattress affects how it feels to have sex on. Innerspring and hybrid beds tend to perform best here due to their innerspring support core.
  • Edge support: If you sleep with a partner or like to sit on the side of your bed often, you need a bed with strong edge support. Hybrid and innerspring models are typically reinforced on the sides with a foam perimeter.
  • Motion isolation: Light sleepers who wake easily from noise or movement may prefer memory foam or latex beds. These mattresses absorb movement well, providing a quieter sleep surface.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference and fit. If you don’t like a mattress after sleeping on it for 30 days, it’s time to cash in on that sleep trial.

2. Review the mattress warranty.

Along with the materials in the mattress, the warranty can give you an idea of how long you can expect the mattress to last. A quality mattress should last around 7 years, or even longer in the case of latex mattresses.

A mattress warranty will guarantee and protect against certain defects, like sagging, that can happen even with a well-constructed mattress. A good warranty will be at least 10 years long, and offer full replacement for covered items, such as sagging of 1.5 inch or more.

On the other hand, it is possible for a warranty to be too good to be true. For instance, 30-year or lifetime warranties sound great, but they’re often also pro-rated or require sagging to be deeper than 2 inches, which is far beyond the point when a mattress stops being supportive.

3. Buy your mattress online.

Online mattress brands have exploded in recent years, due to their popularity with consumers.

Online mattress retailers offer plenty of benefits. They often come with extended sleep trials of 100 days or more (as opposed to the standard 30 days you’ll see in store), free shipping and returns, and best of all – sell mattresses for a fraction of the cost. Because online mattress brands ship directly to the consumer, they don’t have to spend money on retail markup, marketing and business development with brick-and-mortar retailers, or the overhead of managing an in-store staff. As a result, they sell high-quality mattress for a much cheaper price.

Double check whether delivery is free and review the terms of the sleep trial, just to ensure you are getting as great a deal as you think you are.

You can also bring down the cost of your mattress by buying during certain times of the year. Mattresses sales tend to peak in the spring or during holidays like Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Best Mattresses for the Money

Manufacturer Model Mattress Type Price (Queen)
Lucid 10" Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Hybrid $329
Purple Original Foam $999
Addable Memory Foam $499
Sleep On Latex Pure Green Latex $795
Tomorrow Hybrid Hybrid $990

Best Mattresses for the Money – Reviewed


Construction: Lucid sells multiple mattresses, but their 10-inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera hybrid mattress is a particularly good deal. It includes 1 inch of support form, 5.5 inches of pocketed microcoils for support, another inch of support foam, 1 inch of aloe vera transition foam, 1.5 inches of bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam, and a knit cover. The Lucid bed comes in a single firmness level of Medium Soft.

Benefits: The Lucid bed’s pocketed microcoil support core is encased within 5 inches of perimeter edge foam support, ensuring the mattress provides an uniformly supportive surface for couples, those who stretch across the bed, or anyone who frequently sits on the sides of their bed. The bamboo also provides odor elimination and moisture-wicking, an important consideration for hot sleepers or those prone to night sweats.

Drawbacks: At just 30 nights, the Lucid sleep trial is significantly shorter than the 100+ night sleep trial offered by most online mattress brands. The company opened in 2016, so it’s still a newer mattress option whose long-term satisfaction with consumers has not yet been fully tested. Finally, the company is vague about the specific terms of the 10-year warranty on its website.

Why Lucid Is the Best Mattress for the Money: The unique inclusion of bamboo charcoal in the memory foam layer keeps the Lucid mattress cooler than comparable memory foam beds, and the aloe vera helps with longevity. This is a hybrid bed that will sleep cool and stay supportive for several years.


lucid mattress


Construction: The Purple mattress is a foam bed featuring a 4-inch support core of 2 PCF polyfoam, two comfort layers of 3.5-inch 1.8 PCF poly foam and 2-inch buckling column gel, all wrapped in a cover blended from polyester, viscose, and Lycra spandex. The Purple bed is available in a single Medium Firm firmness level. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.

Benefits: Buckling column gel is a newer mattress material that mimics the properties of memory foam but uses an open, hexagonal structure to prevent it from trapping heat to the same extent. As a result, the Purple mattress sleeps cooler than comparable memory foam beds, while offering similar conforming and motion isolation. Buckling column gel has been positively received by mattress consumers, and was invented by the same brothers who launched the Purple mattress years later.

Drawbacks: While Medium Firm is a popular firmness level preferred by the majority of sleepers, it isn’t the best fit for everyone. Also, the Purple bed is not available in a Twin size. Like many online mattress brands, it is still a newer entrant to the mattress market, having been launched in 2016, so its satisfaction ratings have not been tested for the long run.

Why Purple Is the Best Mattress for the Money: The Purple bed is an unique foam mattress that offers the contour of memory foam bed, but with a cooler sleep surface and at a more affordable cost.


Purple Mattress


Construction: The Addable memory foam bed includes a support core of 2 PCF polyfoam,  comfort layers of 1.8 PCF polyfoam and 4 PCF gel memory foam, and a blended cover of polyester, viscose, and spandex. The mattress is available in a single Medium Firm firmness level, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Benefits: At $499, the Addable mattress has a much lower price tag than comparable memory foam beds. Addable offers a 181 night sleep trial, which is longer than the standard 100 nights you’ll find with online mattress brands, and customers can extend it for an additional 40 nights.

Drawbacks: The Addable mattress is made from lower-density foams, which doesn’t bode well for its longevity. However, for such a low price point, it may be worth the tradeoff. The Addable mattress launched in 2016, so its long-term customer satisfaction has not yet been verified.

Why Addable Is the Best Mattress for the Money: The Addable memory foam bed is a great option for price-conscious shoppers. Given that the bed is available in only one firmness option, it’s best for sleepers who like the feel of a memory foam bed and fit the mold of a healthy sleeper of average body weight.



Sleep On Latex

Construction: The Sleep on Latex is an all-latex mattress available in two heights: 7 and 9 inches. Both include a 6-inch Dunlop latex support layer and a 1-inch quilted cover made of organic wool and cotton, while the 9-inch model includes an additional 2-inch Dunlop latex comfort layer. Both models are available in three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.

Benefits: The Sleep on Latex is an all-latex bed, meaning it is made from 100% organic and naturally hypoallergenic materials. These materials all help the mattress sleep cool as well. Because it has a shorter height (at 9 or 7 inches compared to the typical 10), the Sleep on Latex mattress can be sold for a cheaper rate, but the density of the Dunlop latex will help it maintain its durability for a long time. Plus, the Sleep On Latex bed is available in a variety of sizes, including twin XL and Full XL.

Drawbacks: At 10 years, the Sleep on Latex warranty is shorter than one might expect for a latex mattress, and mattress owners have to pay for transportation costs for any covered materials that are replaced under the warranty.

Why Sleep On Latex Is the Best Mattress for the Money: The Sleep on Latex is an extremely affordable latex mattress option that’s an excellent fit for eco-minded sleepers, hot sleepers, sleepers with allergies, or anyone who simply enjoys the feel of an all-latex bed.


sleep on latex

Tomorrow Sleep

Construction: The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a hybrid bed sold by Serta Simmons. It’s available in two firmness levels: Medium Soft and Medium Frm. Both beds use a pocketed coil support core with a polyfoam perimeter for edge support, a base polyfoam layer, and a cover made from phase-change materials, which help regulate the mattress temperature. Above the support core, the Medium Soft model comfort layers include 3.5 PCF memory foam, 2.5 PCF gel polyfoam, and 2.6 PCF polyfoam. The Medium Firm model has comfort layers containing 4.8 PCF memory foam and 2.5 PCF gel polyfoam. Either model comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Benefits: At $990, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress is much more affordable than comparable hybrid mattresses, and it comes with one of the longest sleep trials around, lasting a full year. As a hybrid bed, the innerspring support core, gel-infused foam layer, and PCM cover combine to help the mattress sleep cool.

Drawbacks: The Tomorrow Sleep bed is a hybrid mattress, which tend to be heavier and more difficult to move. It’s also a relatively new bed so its longevity has not yet been tested. Finally, with the exception of the memory foam layer in the Medium Firm model, all of the foams in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress are lower-density, so the mattress may not last much longer than the expected 6-year average lifespan for hybrid beds.

Why Tomorrow Sleep Is the Best Mattress for the Money: With an extensive sleep trial, Tomorrow Sleep mattress purchasers can rest assured they can truly confirm the bed is a good fit for them. This is a hybrid model made with decent materials for a significantly more affordable price tag than comparable options.


Tomorrow Sleep Mattress