Amerisleep Mattress Review

Amerisleep Mattress Ratings

Factors We Considered Rating (1-10)
Materials 8
Support 8.5
Pressure Relief 8.5
Cool Sleep 7
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 7
Value 7.5
Overall Rating 8

Amerisleep Mattress



  • Good motion isolation: Like many other memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep mattresses have good motion isolation, so you can sleep without being disturbed by motion.
  • Effective support: Amerisleep mattresses offer effective pressure relief with good conforming abilities.
  • Multiple models and firmness options: Amerisleep has five different mattress models, each with a different firmness level.
  • Good warranty: A 20 year warranty comes with each Amerisleep mattress. The warranty is nonprorated for 10 years and includes shipping and transportation costs during the 10 year period.
  • Showroom available: Amerisleep has a showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona where you can try out and purchase mattresses.


  • Sleeps hot: Made of memory foam, Amerisleep mattresses tend to retain heat and sleep hot.
  • Sleep trial minimum: Amerisleep offers a 100 night trial, however, you have to use the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can return it.
  • Durability: Made with lower density foam than some comparable memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep mattresses may not be as durable as others.

Product Details/Pricing

Mattress Size AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5
Twin $749 $999 $1,099 $1,299 $1,699
Twin XL $799 $1,049 $1,149 $1,349 $1,749
Full $949 $1,149 $1,249 $1,449 $1,849
Queen $1,099 $1,299 $1,399 $1,599 $1,999
King $1,299 $1,499 $1,599 $1,799 $2,199
Cal King $1,299 $1,499 $1,599 $1,799 $2,199
Split King $1,499 $1,999 $2,198 $2,598 $3,398

Mattress Construction

Amerisleep mattresses are made of memory foam and polyfoam. The support layer has memory foam with a density ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), which ranges from 23 to 40 indentation load deflection (ILD). Foam in the comfort layer has density of 4 PCF and 10 ILD.

Cover and pillow top: Celliant, spandex, polyester
Comfort layers: Foam
Support core: Memory foam

Model/Thickness Firmness Cover Comfort Layer(s) Support Core
AS1 7.5 (firm) 77% polyester, 21% celliant, 2% spandex 2-inch 10 ILD, 4 PCF memory foam 8-inch 40 ILD 1.65 PCF polyfoam
AS2 6 (medium-firm) 77% polyester, 21% celliant, 2% spandex 2-inch 10 ILD, 4 PCF memory foam 3-inch 40 ILD 1.65 PCF foam, 7-inch 35 ILD 1.5 PCF polyfoam
AS3 5 (medium) 77% polyester, 21% celliant, 2% spandex 3-inch 10 ILD, 4 PCF memory foam 3-inch 40 ILD 1.65 PCF foam, 7-inch 35 ILD 1.5 PCF polyfoam
AS4 4 (medium-soft) 77% polyester, 21% celliant, 2% spandex 4-inch 10 ILD 4 PCF memory foam 1-inch 23 ILD 1.65 PCF foam, 7-inch 35 ILD 1.5 PCF polyfoam
AS5 3 (soft) 77% polyester, 21% celliant, 2% spandex 3-inch 10 ILD, 4 PCF memory foam 3-inch 40 ILD 1.65 PCF foam, 7-inch 35 ILD 1.5 PCF polyfoam

amerisleep construction layers

Sleep Trial

Amerisleep mattresses offer a 100 night sleep trial for customers who purchase the mattress directly from the company. Mattresses purchased from Amazon or other retailers will have different return policies.

Returns under the 100 night sleep trial are not eligible until the customer has owned the mattress for at least 30 nights. If you decide to return your mattress within the 100 night sleep trial period, you will get a full refund within three to five business days of picking up the mattress with no cost for shipping, handling, and restocking.

You can exchange your mattress under the 100 night sleep trial. After the mattress has shipped, you can exchange after waiting 30 nights. If you want to exchange before shipping, you can upgrade or downgrade your order. However, if you select the wrong size, you won't be able to return or exchange your mattress.

Returned mattresses do not need to be repackaged, as Amerisleep will arrange for pickup and recycling or donation to charity.


Every Amerisleep mattress has a 20 year warranty. The first 10 years are nonprorated. During the first 10 years, mattress defects are repaired or replaced at no cost with shipping and handling included. During the last 10 years of the warranty, mattresses are replaced at 5 percent of the original mattress price for every year the mattress is owned, such as a 15 year old mattress replaced for 75 percent of the original price. Owners are responsible for shipping and transportation costs.

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and proof of original purchase is required for warranty claims. The warranty does not cover normal increases in memory foam softness that do not have an impact on pressure relieving, split or cracked foam, or indentations less than .75 inches. Damage due to improper foundation, burns, stains, and cuts are not covered. Unsanitary mattresses may be refused. The warranty requires that owners use Amerisleep mattresses on a bed platform or solid wood non-spring foundation that is completely flat. You will be required to submit proof that you have used a proper foundation to support the mattress when you file a warranty claim.


Amerisleep mattresses are shipped to your doorstep in a box via FedEx after being compressed and vacuum sealed. Most mattresses are delivered within three to five business days of purchase. Typically, you will be contacted for a four hour window period for delivery. Most orders do not require a customer signature and Amerisleep does not require that adults are present to receive the order. You can track your order by signing in to your account on the Amerisleep website or contacting the company.

Mattresses ship free to the contiguous 48 states. Paid shipping is available to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and some overseas locations. Amerisleep doesn't ship to APOs or P.O. boxes.

If you want to cancel your mattress order, you can do so free of charge if the mattress has not yet been shipped. If it has shipped already, you can cancel by paying a 25 percent restocking fee plus shipping fees.

Mattress Removal

Amerisleep does not remove old mattresses, as FedEx delivers new mattresses.

Mattress Performance

How firm are Amerisleep mattresses?

Amerisleep offers five different models, each with its own firmness level. Firmness ranges from firm to soft, so there is an option for all firmness levels.

How much motion transfer will you get with Amerisleep mattresses?

A memory foam mattress, you can expect all Amerisleep mattresses to have good motion isolation. There is minimal motion transfer when a sleeping partner moves in bed.

Do Amerisleep mattresses have good edge support?

Amerisleep mattresses lack in edge support compared to innerspring mattresses, but it is comparable to other beds made primarily of foam. You may feel like you're falling off the mattress when you sleep close to or sit on the edge.

Will Amerisleep mattresses smell when they arrive?

Amerisleep mattresses typically have some offgassing odor. However, you can expect that any smells will dissipate within a few days.

How supportive are Amerisleep mattresses?

With foam designed to redistribute pressure points, Amerisleep mattresses should offer good support. With good spinal support, your back and spine will stay in alignment on the mattress.

Will Amerisleep mattresses conform to my body?

Amerisleep mattresses conform closely to your figure to relieve pressure.

How long should Amerisleep mattresses last?

Amerisleep mattresses are made with foam that is a lower density than many other memory foam mattresses, so they may not be as durable as comparable models. The average memory foam mattress lasts seven years, Amerisleep mattresses may last less than that.

Are Amerisleep mattresses good for sex?

Made of memory foam, Amerisleep mattresses are not very bouncy or responsive, so it can be difficult to move on the bed during sexual activity, especially on models of medium firmness or lower.

How do Amerisleep mattresses support different sleeping positions?
Model Sleep Position Lightweight (less than 130 lbs.) Average (130-230 lbs.) Heavyweight (more than 230 lbs.)
AS1 Back Fair Good Good
Side Poor Fair Fair
Stomach Fair Good Fair
AS2 Back Fair Good Good
Side Fair Fair Good
Stomach Fair Good Good
AS3 Back Good Good Good
Side Fair Good Fair
Stomach Good Fair Fair
AS4 Back Good Good Fair
Side Good Good Fair
Stomach Good Fair Fair
AS5 Back Good Fair Fair
Side Good Good Fair
Stomach Good Fair Poor
What do I need to know about the company?

Customer service/reputation: Amerisleep has a good reputation for customer service, founded in 2007 and maintaining an A+ BBB rating.

BBB rating: A+
Established in: 2007